A little about me….

Hi! This is Joshua Grange, born and raised in Hollywood, CA.

I’m a musician currently in kd lang’s band, the siss boom bang.

I’ve been lucky enough to tour and record with artists such as dwight yoakam, the dixie chicks, the jayhawks, shannon mcnally, eleni mandell, beck, robert randolph, rachael yamagata, mandy moore and others over the years.

I have a darkroom in my garage and love to develop b&w film and make prints. The garage has a woodshop area where I’ll build frames and fix broken things.

Broken things, heavy lifting, dirty jobs. that’s what I do.

My car is an old ‘69 Camaro. If there is such a thing as green rust then surely it is made up of the stuff.

I also frequently gruntle many of my friends.

Camping, yes. Cheese, yes. Wine, yes.

I am obsessed with steel guitar.

Have a look around…. I hope to finally make amends with the incredibly gifted Martie Maguire by updating this site often. Hi martie!

My title photo is by the talented and lovely Claire Marie Vogel. Go to her.

All photos not otherwise credited are my own, © Joshua Grange.